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Welcome to MelakaShop.com
"Biz N Travel Platform' For ALL!"

Oh i miss you guys at Singapore!

From: the ex-tourist guide in Melaka,Malaysia year 2006-2013, Warren Kuan
It's a fascinating year in tourism and watching the web industry grow so quickly than ever!Anyway,do you like our new logo? Please leave some comments and let us know what you think! :)

It's not easy to train a person (Beginner) from "zero to Hero!" Since it's the last quarter of year 2014, we from MelakaShop.com had decided to help a group of youngsters from Melaka to build their very own online business!
If you would love to join us, please, fill in the contact form to let us know more about you, your need ($) and how can we success together as a team :)

For more info about Granites and Marbles materials for kitchen top,table, floor,wall in Melaka, please do contact us for FREE quotation at 016-6033669 (CS) Our professional salesperson will be at Melaka- Muar-Batu Pahat to serve you!
SPCA Melaka is a non-profit organization that help doggies (Stray dogs) on the road and prevent them from any cruelty!

Please support this meaningful organization and support their official facebook page :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/SPCA-Melaka-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals/277523282741

This organization is founded by a lovely and kind-hearted gentleman,Mr Vincent Low.

SPCA Melaka also play a useful role to help educate the public and provide animal lovers chances to adopt them!

If anyone interested in adoption or volunteering or making donations to them,
please contact Mr. Vincent Low at 019-6631407 or you may email him at-( vlowsc@yahoo.com)


Modeling on a street isn't an illegal activity in our country.BUT, this is what happened when it all went wrong...

It was a nice SUNNY day..
When they are shooting and walking in front of
GOOD NEWS and great tips for Fellow Malaysians! QUICKLY REGISTER for your favorite www,yourname.com as you might not want to miss this opportunity!Do register your favorite domain name with Exabytes today! :D
It's another SHOCKING news from MAS Airline.. OMG!!!
Few readers had emailed us and request for tutorials on creating a website. As promised, today we will review some of the things to learn and ways to create one.
lahad datu chinese national kidnapped

OMG!! Pirates robbed fishermen in a fish farm!
We just saw this infographic from the rakyat post and we decide to share with our readers in order for you guys to understand more on what is GST

Tema "affiliate" ini telah lama wujud.. Namun, bukan semua orang yang benar-benar sukses dalam bidang affiliate ini.Namun,ia memang salah satu cara yang paling murah untuk membuat
Many readers from overseas and other states in Malaysia had emailed us and wanted to know more on the location map of shopping centres/mall in Melaka. It's quite simple actually.You may find it directly from google maps itself!(simple and easier right?) Happy Shopping! ;)
najib razak barack obama visit malaysia selfie
Credit of PM Najib Tun Razak
Want to know more what are the important conversation during US President, Barack Obama visitation to Malaysia?
President of United States Barack Obama visited Malaysia
Barack Obama to Malaysia

Historical moment:Welcome to Malaysia Mr President! (videos inside!)
Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/guru.koh
Looking at GuruKoh's photos is really a great joy!
Many web developers love to find out their competitor's performance by using the world top ranking tools, Alexa.com! Google it if you want :)
We have the platform and you got your chances! It's really fascinating and fun to work with bunch of like-minded people that are really serious in creating their own business!
It's really important for us to learn how to balance ourselves and stay happy all the time..Bringing POSITIVE messages to your friends and families, make them feel secure and comfortable at least...when they are with you!

The Gift is free,
But is not cheap,
It cost Jesus Life��
Today is Good Friday.By:J (Taken from Facebook)