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There's something special about Jackie Chan that today we decided to share it with our readers about this world class icon, JACKIE CHAN.
Left your Panasonic Camera in a shop?
It's really a sad news to have known that a Malaccan student,Corson Lim, who studied at TARC College University had committed suicide recently and passed away.
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Nak membeli Pasir Kasir/ Pasir Halus?

The TRUTH about the MOST interesting man in the world! (Vid Inside)
Today we have came across with a wonderful motivational vid that we would love to share with you all here! So PLEASE do share time to watch it! It's not just inspiring,
It's really great to see that the world cares for what happened to MH370 recently and really do their very best to help to find the missing plane.
Lead a healthy life is very essential to us. One must really master the correct habits that can bring us more happiness and flow of positive energies to others! Please don't miss this column from Brian Tracy, a very motivational person!
Feed them, love them.Donkeys~
As a member of Blood Donors Association Melaka Tengah, is definitely our responsible to SHARE with the public the venue and time where a blood donation campaign will be held. This time on march 23, SJK(C) Chabau will held this meaning campaign in their school together with St John Ambulances Malaysia Chabau Division.

For those who stay at Taman Angkasa Nuri , Taman Merdeka Jaya, Gangsa or Taman Seri Bayan, PLEASE do come over with your friends to support them!

REMEMBER, if one consumed alcohol, fell sick, sleep late, or other health reason, you might need to seek for doctor's advice (at the counter) in order to check if you can donate your blood. ;)

It's such a SHOCKING news to everyone who knew Eric Tee, the local famous makeup artist and the owner of Dream Hair & Makeup Artist Academy in Melaka had met with an accident..

There will be hope
Let’s keep on praying
Just be strong
We know you’re listening


I really enjoy composing songs and it's truly happy to have met the "like-minded" person and having fun together making music! WOW, that's one of the happiest thing to do on earth man!
Again, brought to you by CS Photography.This time, we got "The LOL Cat!" Let us know if you like him! :)
Hey guys, "BiBi" got something to share with you!

Surprise?!! It was 100% original pic that was taken by our admin last few weeks ago~ Does it mean anything or shown any sign? Please let us know in the comment form about what you think in this picture! :D
Dear readers and customers, our location is now at Taman Merdeka Jaya Batu Berendam (Shop lot with a Pos Malaysia logo)

Our services includes:
1.Collection of bill payments
2.Selling of stamps and stationaries
3.Pos Laju
4.Advertising board (Iklan)

We are the agent for
1. Pos Malaysia
2. BSN Bank

Other Services:
web advertising, website services and others.

Also, you may call us or email us directly trough the contact us form for any enquiries.

Thank You.

Have a bright cheerful week!


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