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Travex International College (Melaka Representative)

Dear All
All intakes will commenced on 04 Jan 2016 and weekend Saturday class is on 09 Jan 2016.

Diploma in Hotel Management students will receive 40% off the course fee.
Whereas Certificate in Travel & Tourism with Tourist Guide course students will receive one free Tour Leader training. CODE: ITT. Registered students can participate in PRACTICAL OVERSEAS TOUR LEADER PRACTICAL. Only limited seats. First-come-first-served! Terms and conditions apply. PLEASE REGISTER NOW!

Please Contact:
Warren Kuan - 014-2667277
Melaka Skills Training Centre, WAWASAN ACADEMY
2-1,jln mj43,taman merdeka jaya, bt berendam, 75350, Melaka
email us (Melaka Representative) :

Holiday Tuisyen Class for Primary & Secondary students! (Adult languages class AVAILABLE NOW)

Please do contact us Pusat Tuisyen Maju Berwawasan for more school holiday tuisyen classes.

Our aim is to provide a healthy and happy environment for our students and learners.

Please do contact us at 016-6033669 (Cikgu Warren) for more information.

Thank you.

014-2667 277 官老师
假期,开学,都开 :)

We are offering Local Travel Packages!

Please do contact us for more travel packages!
CMS Travel & Co. are based in Melaka, Taman Merdeka Jaya (upstair of Speedmart99)
Please do contact us at- 014-2667277 or 016-6033669 (Kuan) for more information on
 inbound or outbound tours as we are always happy to serve you!

Malaysia Website Awards 2015 MWA Awards

Bersih 4.0, "Is it GOOD or BAD for the country?"

what do you think? please share with us what's in your mind! :)

Seeking for Opportunities? Contact us today! - 房地产(热!)

 Enter site
Wondering what's HOT in Malacca Town today? The correct answer is PROPERTY INVESTMENT! As one of the member of Apg Marketing, I would love to introduce you some of the HOTTEST investment spots (invest for your HOMESTAY business purpose or ?) !

Five Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Social Media Account

Five Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Social Media Account

Managing each and every one of your social media accounts can be complicated and time-consuming. You may be busy posting on your Facebook, but you may forget to go on Twitter. So, when it comes to social media, everyone wants to engage by being active on their sites. Lately, numerous social media sites have emerged to prominences, such as Google plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and many others. Subsequently, everyone is increasingly becoming interested in online marketing for business, which has proven to be simpler, less hectic and somehow cheaper than the alternative.

Social media is the place where you can generate an immense growth for your business in a small duration of time. Nevertheless, you primarily need to be aware the Social Media Management of your brand. Social Media Management can be an easy task when you use the innovative approaches, which guarantee a high range of improvement in your social media account. Consider these approaches.

Approach #1: List down your specific goals
A good social media strategy requires being aware of your specific objectives before you start sharing content or manage your social media pages. Being aware of your goals allows you to be sure of what exactly it is that you want out of your social media platform with regards to your business. Specific goals allow you to better target an audience for your brand.   

This is a great social media strategy when you manage your social media accounts effectively. When you are aware of the plans for your business, you can better target and engage your audience through the social media interaction. This interaction is achieved by regular posting on your page as well as replying to their comments and making them feel more connected as an important part of your business. They will be more interested in your site and in reading your content; thus, increasing your publicity which is ultimately healthy for your business. When you interact with your audience, you become aware of their needs that enable you to provide services, eventually attracting their loyalty to your brand.
Image result for Five Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Social Media Account

Approach #2: Include icons on your website
The icons on your website improve your connectivity to the audience. This is possible by making it easy for them to find you - read the articles, like the content, and follow your page. When adding brand’s icons to your website, you need to link the website to your social media page profiles that you manage, such as Facebook and Twitter. This integration enables your followers to become more aware,  get easy access and updated to your website. The icons on your website help the world to see your brand’s content that is available on social media platforms.

Approach #3:  Create a social media strategy that involves all of your pages
Make sure that all the social media accounts you have are useful to your brand and can bring out  a unique offering to your audience. You can manage your social media accounts by creating a calendar that will update you and your audiences of upcoming events, blog posts and everything concerning the business. This will help in organizing your social media content as well as the effect that they contribute to your company.

The content must be valuable in order for the audience to be interested in your social media accounts. Having quality content improves your social media accounts, resulting in more customers and higher profits. Engage with all of your audience members who post on your social media pages and make them aware that you are reading their contributions and queries. This engagement will increase the numbers of post on your page.
Need a web shop?

Approach #4:  Enhance your social media account
Enhancing your social media account includes the use of keywords that connect your business to the search engines. You can still use hashtags on your post to bring more people to your sites, but use them carefully by not using more than 15 unrelated hashtags.

It is a good Social Media Management strategy to add social icons to your emails since this will improve your social media presence. Send daily emails containing social media icons; it makes people more curious about your brand, which leads to new engagements on your social media accounts and web page.

Providing benefits to your audience is another technique to entice them to your social media pages and to grow the number of your followers. You can engage your new and existing followers by giving out something for free or by just liking back their pages. The number of companies that give out discount codes is steadily increasing, which makes followers more active in their accounts daily.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Printerest are not the only social media accounts in the world. Try to use other social media accounts to reach many people. Other social media platforms include bookmarking sites, social review sites and many others. You can also include games that can make your page more interesting. Most people enjoy being right as well as winning. This technique brings in more likes, follows and reviews.

Approach #5: Have good customer care
Provide your audience with a list of common questions and the answer to these queries. Using the frequently asked questions is one of the best techniques that can make your customers feel important and being cared for. When your customers have a problem, just doing all you can to help them will surely develop their loyalty and make them stay with your company as regular customers. Always give your customers a reason to like your page – you can do this by posting regularly interesting updates about your company and offerings.Image result for Five Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Social Media Account

By considering all of these, there is no doubt that your company will prosper. More importantly, your social media account and publicity will be well-managed, which is healthy for your company. Managing your social media accounts is the key to successful online marketing. And having engaging content on your social media pages ultimately improves your brand’s social media presence.

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.

来哥家乡味饭店 Lai Gor Restaurant Taman Merdeka Permai

这是一个屹立在马六甲Taman Merdeka Permai的“来哥家乡味饭店”,您绝对的必到之处!它秉承着祖传的精神,对美食的钻研与执着,将独特的风味遗留在食客的唇齿间,让人毕生难忘。
在这里您除了能够品尝得到本地的经济饭(9am – 2.30pm) ,更能从下午5.30pm至10.30pm时,享用来哥家乡味大炒!
Let us get started on Lai Gor Restaurant, a typical oriental chinese dining restaurant located at Taman Merdeka Permai.  This place is a hidden gem with wide varieties of authentic Chinese cuisines at reasonable prices.

You may enjoy the economy mixed-rice starts from 9 am to 2.30 pm 
Their delicious local Chinese cuisines starts at 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm!

Book Accommodation at Tropicana Homestay Melaka!

Hi! We wish to introduce you one of the BEST homestay in Melaka which is, Tropicana Homestay, luxurious living in the heart of the city!

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