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Year End Sales no.1 Item ,Intel Laptop at MelakaShop (
sold out

1st Badge Sales! More to come!!!!!
What we have today for you guys and ladies is one of the coolest stuff of the month!

Interested to buy a Intel Laptop which is new and in Good Condition?!
This is your best chance now to gain a new, a good condition notebook straight away!!
Do visit our FB page at for more goodies!!!
-Intel B960
-2DDR3 Memory
-14" HD LED
-500 GB Hard Disk Drive
>>>>>>>>>>>1st Item for Year End Sale<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Immediately call WAN at 016-6033669 to GRAB THIS NOW! or simply email us at melakashop(@)gmail(.)com
Enjoy Shopping!!TUNGGU APA LAGiii?? :D


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