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Very often someone asked us about our opinion regarding which sites the BEST for us to place our advertisement. As we can see can very obviously that, the “web trend” in Melaka aren’t really changed that much. 

Many companies were having WONDERFUL ideas to CONQUER the market (just wanna be frank ;) , as for what we observed all these year, their plans just simply won’t work. The simple reason is because nowadays the web in moving very fast, either facebook or Google are doing a fantastic job in giving FREE services to online users without having to pay a penny!

Many consumers or business owner got misunderstood that getting a NICE and FANCY website done is equal to TRAFFIC and MONEY and that’s it. Our point of view for this kind of thoughts is It’s a TOTAL NONSENSE. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

So, what are the BEST advertising schemes we can have online? Is it advertise on Google Adsense, Youtube or Facebook? Our  suggestion will be very quick and simple.
1st Get yourself a Google Plus Brand Page
2nd Write and blog about your company
3rd Upload your company videos to Youtube
4th Learn how to generate quality content for your business
5th Apply for Google Adwords ( Always the BEST Choice!)
6th Google is almost everything in the internet as you can see it for yourself! Don’t waste your time listening to other people recommending you another money-waste solutions that doesn’t work..

For webmaster and online marketer who’d read across this post please don’t hate us for telling the truth, we just don’t want more and more people falling in the trap we’ve been trough ourselves! ;)

For more information about Google Adwords you may take a view over this short video guide below that will lead you to the TOP of your site’s performance, ENJOY!

(Iklan Melaka, Malaysia,马六甲马来西亚网络广告,策略)


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