The BEST FOODS in Melaka
Melaka is such a food paradise! Almost anyone who had visited Malacca will surely agree with me!

<--Photo Credit of One O One Hotel!

Lot of friends from from oversea often asked me a question,
what's the BEST food to eat in Melaka?
They usually feel very surprised to had found that the local food looked so NORMAL yet tasted so well that they couldn't believe what's the "secret" that
made Melaka foods so much different from many other places! As a tourist guide in Malaysia, is always my duty to introduce nice food and local cuisines to travellers and visitors.

Here's my list 1st Edition of nice foods and local products that you may try when you pay a visit to Melaka!

1. Nyonya Mee Laksa

2. Portuguese "Devil" Curry
3. Rice Ball
4. Nasi Lemak (1st Picture)
5. Ice "Kacang"
6. Cendol

7. Popiah
8. Banana Leaf Rice
9. Pine Apple Rice
10.Satay Celup
11."Sambal Petai"
Photo Credit:

13."Asam Pedas"
14. Mee Siam
Photo Credit:

15. Mee Rebus
16. Putu Piring

Local Products:
1. Dodol
2. Gula Melaka
3. Pine Apple Tart

More to come in 2nd Edition together with drinks and with more pictures, stay tune! ;) 馬六甲美食天地!
join me at melaka!!


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