Melaka James Bond 007 Malaysia

Many things had changed within this few months time in our country. Lots of improvement had been done to our surroundings too (citizen welfare, public facilities) and of course the tourism attraction sites!

Many had sent us emails asking for more details on the latest tourist attraction place. Finally, some of them had even been to Melaka Tourist Centre to pick up flyers of some of the latest events and happening in Melaka.

But, in my point of view, there can be more events introduced other than the official tourism events in this wonderful historical state such as events organized by EasyMelaka where at the same time, they are made us relax and enjoy listening to their band performances.(Pic below Mahkota Walk)

We can't find many event organizer in Melaka that had events coordinate with tourism, maybe yes, but few...(pic below Seek Kia Eenh Wesak Procession)

Still, we are very thankful to those tourism associations that had made their best efforts in boosting the tourism industry in Melaka. In order to sustain the "UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE" title, i do feel that we still got a lot of work to do....Keep up the great works thou!

I do feel that one day Melaka will continue to SHINE and become "James Bond 007" with full of attractions straight to the world class standard! :) 


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