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Holiday vacations are supposed to be full of excitement and memorable especially when spent with loved ones. Given the chance, I'm sure that you would want to pack your bags and enjoy new places on Earth. Well, if you're thinking of Asia as your next destination, you might consider Malaysia for your first stop.

Malaysia is one of the most highly visited countries in Southeast Asia. Home to friendly people, exquisite cuisines and exotic stuff, Malaysia truly stands out as this beautiful place seems to give you an idea about the rest of Asia. Many say that if you want to experience Asian values and way of living, Malaysia is the place to be. If you've already applied for your
ESTA, now is the time for
you to experience one of the best places in the Malaysian peninsula...the city of Melaka


Why Choose Melaka
Known as Malaysia's Red City, there's a number of reasons why Melaka became a top holiday destination and here are as follows:

A number of tourists from other countries stop over Melaka not only because of it's physical beauty. This place is just full of history. If you're traveling here with your kids, they will surely learn about Malaccan history including the Japanese, British, Dutch and Portuguese occupation. 

Food, Food, Food 
Asians are known for being superb in the kitchen. Most famous Malaysian foods are found in downtown Melaka. Food can be found anywhere here and you don't need to worry about being hungry. Restaurants here also offer America, Italian, Korean, Japanese and other foods famous in different parts of the world, making tourists feel the comfort of home. People

Malaysians are popular for being some of the most hospitable people in Asia. Meeting and greeting them can be another memorable experience for you and your whole family. In fact, some tourists from Europe even choose to live with Malaysian
families during their stay. It's a great way to learn simple yet highly refined Malaysian lifestyle.

Not your ordinary museums
When visiting other countries, you shouldn't miss going into museums. The city of Melaka houses three famous museums, the Ethnography Museum, Literature Museum and the Historic Museum. Here, you'll have a glimpse of ancient Malaysia with
relics, traditional costumes, ancient tools, literary works and others. 

Tips When Going to Melaka

If you're convinced and interested in visiting Melaka, here are some tips that
you should remember:

1. Make sure that you're still authorized to travel. Check booking for tickets. 
2. Learn how you can explore Melaka. You can rent a car so that you can drive around the city. If you want to save yourself from the hassles of driving, the Bas Panorama Melaka is always available to get you from one place to another. 
3. Pack only important stuffs. There are several hotels to accommodate you and these offer laundry services. Don't bring loads of clothing. Remember that to enjoy Melaka, you will have to walk so avoid too heavy load. 
4. Read online articles and blogs about Melaka for you to have ideas for your most exciting holiday trip. Read about the trishaw, night market, ferries and other exciting Malaccan experiences.

Other Special Places to Visit in Melaka
Here's a list of some other exciting tourist attractions that you must check out in Melaka:
The A'famosa Resort
If you want to just swim in relax, A'Famosa resort is the place to be. Located just 24 Kilometers north of Melaka and in the middle of the Alor Gajah Square, this first-class resort is famous for its amusement park theme. It houses a water World, Cowboy Town and Animal World Safaru which your children will surely enjoy.
Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary
Seeing live animals is another great experience for the kids and since they're your priority, there's no way for you to miss the Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary. It houses a collection of different species of reptiles including lizards, crocodiles, snakes, chameleon and others. It is also home to many Asian butterflies. Here, your kids will learn the different stages that butterflies undergo to. This magnificent place is only a few kilometers northeast of Melaka.
The Coral Wonderful Melaka
If you love underwater animals, the Coral Wonderful Melaka is perfect for you. This is Malaysia's first coral park and is believed to be one of the biggest in Asia. It also boasts the longest touch pool in Asia with more than 1000 species of fished and corals.
Cape Rachado
After a long day of travel, you might want to relax and just enjoy nature. Well, Cape Rachado is recommended for people who wants to escape the busy city. Here, you can just take a walk in the beach with your family and enjoy camping together in the sand. 
Melaka River Cruise
Many tourists just wants to see a beautiful view of Melaka from the waters. Well, boating is the best way to do so. With Melaka River Cruise, you won't have to spend a lot to see things not visible from the land. A 45 minute travel in Melaka River is enough to fill your family with joy.

Guest Post By
Lucy Daniel

Photo Credit:A'famosa,EasyMelaka, 


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