My dream honeymoon destination BALI

Feeling very uptight recently.I'm sad.Too many things had happened at once and it really make me think that what are we going to do in the next few years of our life.

I really wish that i'm somewhere else in the world for a 100% relaxing vacation,to take some rest,put a side all the heavy working tasks and spend some sweet time with my love one..

Honey..just imagine that you are lying under a clear blue sky,listening to the sound of the splashing wave while having a luxurious spa treatment...
"WAKE UP DEAR....We are going to Bali this end of year!!!"

Bali is a province of Indonesia and it is a popular honeymoon destination that all lovers would love to visit,to share the moment together,to live,to begin each new day and share their lives forever.....(i know i sound a bit...titanic!;)

Balinese culture is a unique combination of spirituality,temple festivals and ceremonies!It's history recorded in legends preserved in it's religion and the Balinese adherence to the traditions from their ancestors.

Bali is well known for its exotic beauty and natural wonder.The warmness of the Balinese really made us feel so much at home!They are friendly,you can always see them put up a smile on their face and also hardworking.They take care of the tourist who visited to their place with a kind and sincere heart!

"I can't wait to enjoy my "Frangipani bath" run for us when we arrive..."
I thought of giving her a surprise only when,NEXT YEAR.After reading this MAGICAL article from ,it had make me decide to write this post and stand the chance to join this FREE trip to Bali,  "The ULTIMATE honeymoon island!"

As a Malaysian, we have long used to the halal foods.In fact,ignoring the Bali island local halal cuisine would be a travelers BIGGEST mistake!If you are lucky enough,there're Balinese family invites the tourist to a meal where you can try their famous dishes,herbs and sauces!YUMMY =)

Bali might not be the world economically wealthiest but the people are  undoubtedly rich in their social,religious and physical appearance!
Therefore,the Balinese arts,temples,music and dances are the four things you MUST experience!
The daily clothing if the Balinese is the Kebaya which was introduced from Java by the Dutch during the colonial period!

Do you love snorkeling?If yes,Bali crystal clear water enable us to witness the rich marine life and corals!Can't feel your legs?Haha!It's really nice and to have small fishes around and nibbling your toes...wooosh!!

My friends who went there last year keep on reminding me to buy the herbs and healing essence!How can i miss this?!Along the beach,we can also buy the gifts and souvenirs at the stalls at Bali island.Make sure you do your shopping well as there're beautiful KEBAYAs, artworks and handicrafts waiting for you to pick and choose!

While you begin your adventure to explore the mysterious island, make sure you take as many photos as you like and make your honeymoon trip a memorable one!

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